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How To Make Your Computer As Fast As The Day You Bought It

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Most people seem to think that Windows degrades after a couple of months of use to a point where it runs slower than a snail riding a turtle. This is true only if you let it do so. My laptop runs just as fast as the day I bought it, and it’s all thanks to this one simple thing I do about once a month: Read more

Identity: How Your "Story" Limits You

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Ego is a word that gets tossed around a lot and usually a little misunderstood when used as “He has a big ego” or “there’s a lot of egos in one room”. I like to look at it as a living thing that focuses on “your story”, that which you identify with. If you don’t keep your ego in check, it can be a very dangerous thing, affecting every decision you make through the filter of “If I do x, what will yz think of me? How will it look?”  This is pathological behavior caused by the ego, and it all stems from one thing: Caring too much about what others think of you.

Read more

Significantly Extend the Life of your Disposable Razor

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After a week or two, most people switch to a fresh razor because it starts getting dull. Did you know that you can use your jeans to “sharpen” the blade every now and then to drastically extend its life? — up to several months! Read more

How To Build A Proper Fire

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Fire is one of humanity’s most cherished tools and even considered to be a huge catalyst in our species’ evolution. In a survival situation, knowing how to build a fire can mean the difference between life and death.
It provides heat and comfort, sterilizes food, water, and first-aid tools. It scares away animals and insects and can be used to signal for help. Tools and weapons can be crafted using fire and it provides a psychological boost and peace of mind.

Besides all that, roasting wieners and marshmallows by a fire is a great way to spend an evening with your close ones. Read more

Do You Place Women on a Pedestal?

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Whenever you think to yourself “Wow, that girl is so hot! …Too bad she’s out of my league”, you’re placing her on a pedestal, and imposing a false limit on yourself. When you do this, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by approaching from a position of weakness, your body language and non-verbal communication is just begging for her to not be attracted.

Why do guys do this? Why do you think she’s better than you? Well… she’s attractive. Great, lucky her, her life is proven easier thanks to a winning ticket in the genetic lottery. Every day, people react to her in a favourable manner, simply because of her perceived value, which is entirely based on her physical appearance. Every day, she’s placed on a pedestal for superficial reasons, and actually resents it. Read more

70 Real-Life Cheat Codes

Posted on by Adam in Man Skills | 1 Comment

Here are 70 life-hacks courtesy of the good folks over at Reddit (link). Although everything on the internet is true, take any of the following with a grain of salt and do your own research before attempting the riskier ones. Read more

Cook the Perfect Steak Every Time

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What better topic to debut the Food Section of Manclass than one about steak. However, this is a controversial topic with the full spectrum of opposing opinions, where the argument is no longer about quality meat cooking, but about nitpicking the smallest inconsequential details. The following is a straightforward and sure-fire way to get a perfect steak every time. Read more

10 Unconventional Uses for Conventional Items

Posted on by Adam in Man Skills | 2 Comments

Read more


Posted on by Adam in Feed Your Mind | Leave a comment

What is a man? Being. Being a man is a state of mind first and foremost. A man is a free thinker, an individual who forges his own path through life. He is defined by his own principles and the decisive actions he takes, aligned with his personal value system and true path in life. Every male was born with the potential hanging between his legs of becoming a man, but few ever live up to the title.

With the comforts of today’s Western World, it’s entirely possible to coast through life without ever bothering becoming a man. It’s simply easier and safer to avoid it, and since there’s no evident necessity, why bother?

Glory. A man doesn’t settle for mediocrity, he would rather die trying than to have never attempted at all. He doesn’t ask for permission first, nor does he ask for forgiveness later. Whatever action a man takes, it is in accordance with his core purpose. He accepts the responsibility of said actions, if a) negative: he learns from his mistakes, and progresses as a result. If b) positive… I won’t spoil it for you.

The resources contained within this site are for both men and aspiring men. There is no limit to the amount that one can progress and hone his skills. The process is the glory in and of itself.

Welcome to Man Class.